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Hello and Welcome to the Paw’d Life. This short 2 minute video will give you a brief overview of WHO we are, WHAT we do and WHY we do it! Enjoy!! AND SUBSCRIBE!!

Hello and welcome to The Paw’d Life, a health and lifestyle site focused on active families with active dogs. Our goal is to promote activity as an essential lifelong solution to combat the rigors of everyday life. Everything we bring to this site is in support of the Human-Animal bond. We understand and respect that the relationship we share with our pets is one of the most influential we will ever experience. We want to celebrate that relationship by sharing our knowledge of veterinary health and our experience living an active outdoor lifestyle. If you are looking for ways to improve your pets longevity and happiness, and thereby improve your own…you’ve just found a great resource! Welcome to the Paw’d Life!

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Lets Ride!

The Human: Craig Lassen
Craig is an outdoor enthusiast living in Big Bear, CA. He is currently the Hospital Manager for VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital. Craig began his veterinary career in 1989 and never looked back. His experience covers all general veterinary medicine with a special interest in emergency, trauma and surgery. Craig has completed advanced training in veterinary CPR and Anesthesiology and has a BA in Business Administration from San Diego State University (2006). Craig spends most of his free time riding mountain bikes and hiking in the local mountains with his dog. He has been competing in regional mountain bike races since 2006 and although rarely on the podium, Craig still considers himself a winner for at least showing up, training hard and giving it his best. In 2018 he took 3rd place at the Crafts & Cranks MTB Enduro race for his age/class. Fingers crossed for 2019!!

Yeah! Let’s Ride!

The Dog: Timber
Timber is what you would call a genetic nightmare wrapped up in an enthusiast trail dog! Dumped at a local veterinary hospital, he was quickly adopted by Craig and so began an incredible journey of love, adventure and massive veterinary bills! Timber is a mix of German Shepard, Pitbull and Otterhound. Unfortunately he inherited all the joint problems of the shepard. By nine months he has to have both elbows operated on due to conformation problems. At two years of age he had his first knee surgery and the second a year later. All of these things were due to the way his body formed and shaped his bones. Sadly, this would normally prevent a dog from living a super active outdoor lifestyle. Fortunately Timber was adopted by someone with a great discount at the local veterinmary hospital! Happily we can report that Timber runs 3-5 miles, 3 days a week and he does so without any pain. This was all thanks to the extraordinary surgical interventions provided by Dr. Jeremy Trousdale at VCA Valley Animal Medical Center in Indio, CA. Now, as the bionic dog he has become, Timber wanders the trail systems of Southern California with Craig bringing you veterinary tips and tricks to stay safe, healthy and tail waggin’ for mile after mile.