Gear Review: Leashboss Elevated Dog Feeder – 2020

If you are considering an elevated dog feeder, take a look at our review of this camping version from Leashboss. While there are many medical reasons for using an elevated feeder, we find value simply in getting our dog bowls off the ground. So much dust and debris find their way into our dog bowls when we’re camping that this elevated feeder just joined our permanent collection. It packs up small, opens up big, cleans up easy and and keeps our feeding situation clean. Plus the construction is high-quality and it even includes two stainless steel bowls and a carrying case! All that at a very reasonable price left us feeling very satisfied and we think you will be too! If you plan on doing any dog camping you’ll be glad to have the Leashboss Camping Feeder Double Outdoor Elevated Dog Bowl. Check out the specs here:

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