Hills Pet Nutrition Center (Sweet!)

So I am preparing some intro data for the next Pawdcast and I came across this great video from Hills Pet Food touring their Global Pet Nutrition Center. The video gives you a glimpse into the facility where Hills does all of its dietary testing. I had the opportunity to visit this facility many years ago and was extremely impressed. They house 450 dogs and 450 cats there. The living arrangements are super cool! Not at all what I would have expected in a “research” facility. I think that these “pet partners” are treated better than most pets I see in the hospital every day!!

One of the coolest things I saw there was the use of a special microchip ID to feed the cats. With 450 animals walking around within the group feeding area, how could you possibly stay on top of getting each cat the right food, the right amount at the right time? The microchip system allows any cat to walk up to the feeder and the feeder knows what type of food that cat needs, how much, if it already came for breakfast or if they’re trying to sneak in some extra and it adjusts accordingly! So slick.

I’m so impressed with this company. Whether it was using their K/D diets to support my two kidney failure cats, J/D for my joint compromised trail dog or basic adult kibble for my “normal” cat Dave, Hills diets have always provided a reliable, palatable and effective food source for us. Thanks Hills…you rock!

Check out the Microchip ID Cat Feeder

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