Pawdcast 01: Mr. Randal Smith (VIDEO)


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Hungry for a big knuckle-bone sized bowl of behind the scenes discussion about life in veterinary medicine? Of course you are! Well sink your teeth into this pawdcast featuring host and veterinary practice manager Craig Lassen and very special guest, veterinary assistant Randal Smith.

Join Randal and Craig as they dig deep into a sample platter of veterinary topics. From arthroscopy to bloat, from daily tech life to client care. Police K9 units, orthopedics, end of watch euthanasia, team and client mental health, finances and so much more. No sound bites here, this is a meaty hour long program that is part of a monthly podcast series featuring veterinary topics, dog gear product reviews, pet friendly trail reviews, events, tips, nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Take a bite and let us know what you think. Want more? Dish up a fresh scoop when you wag your way through our website at: Something didn’t taste right? Shoot us some pee-mail at We’ll sniff out your corrections or suggestions and clean up any mess we find!
Cheers…Timber the Trail Dog and Craig

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